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by Copvampire at 3:57 AM
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After some requests from artists in our discord, we are starting some contests. This will be the first of many. In these contests, you can draw or paint the topic that was chosen and the top three contestants all get a prize.

To enter post your art into this thread and make sure to add a comment that it is for the contest.

Topic - Slime Group
Requirements -

  1. Two or more Slimes must be incorporated
  2. A background can be added, but is not required
  3. Cuteness is always a bonus
  4. You may incorporate different player’s skins (I am hoping my skin could be incorporated somewhere :p but not required)
  1. 1 Month Donator on a server of choice
  2. 500CC on creative or 30k on factions (player choice)
  3. 250CC on creative or 15k on factions (player choice)
by Copvampire at 8:17 PM
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I have been constantly requested to revert factions from 1.12 to 1.8 for the pvp aspect. So this post will have the whole thing laid out so you can vote on if this happens, as there will be quite a few drawbacks to the change.

Drawbacks of the revert:
  • New map (possibly more stuff will get reset along with this, like inventories and player stats)
  • A few days (maybe up to a week) Factions will be down for me to change everything to 1.8, and possibly further few days of me testing before allowing it to be public again.
  • Some features will not exist (at this point I could estimate at least 45% of features will be no longer supported)
  • Nothing new will be added to factions until I feel its stable enough for the new features (which could take weeks after the release)
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I'm pleased to say that our forums are now open, but may still contain a few issueus.

If you find any then please report them on the "Bug Report" under the Forms tab at the top of the page (Must be logged in)

Forms Area (Staff Applications, Bug Reports and Ban Appeals) -

Vote Links (Constantly Updated) -
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We're glad to say after 3 years of The Crafters Network being offline, we will be releasing the network again!

However we will be starting again from scratch so if you or anyone finds a bug/issue then please report it on the forums or send us a message in the Discord Channel (Link Below).

We have released Factions and Creative so far, but we are releasing more servers over the coming weeks, so leave your suggestions on what we should do next!

Server IP:
Server Website:
Discord Channel:
Donation Store:
Vote Links:
Support Email: [email protected]
Forms (Staff Applications, Bug Reports, Ban Appeal Application):

We hope to see you ingame and enjoy having the network back up!


The Crafters Network Admin Team