Annoucement Factions back to 1.8

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    I have been constantly requested to revert factions from 1.12 to 1.8 for the pvp aspect. So this post will have the whole thing laid out so you can vote on if this happens, as there will be quite a few drawbacks to the change.

    Drawbacks of the revert:
    • New map (possibly more stuff will get reset along with this, like inventories and player stats)
    • A few days (maybe up to a week) Factions will be down for me to change everything to 1.8, and possibly further few days of me testing before allowing it to be public again.
    • Some features will not exist (at this point I could estimate at least 45% of features will be no longer supported)
    • Nothing new will be added to factions until I feel its stable enough for the new features (which could take weeks after the release)
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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Copvampire, Mar 7, 2018.


Revert Factions to 1.8

Poll closed Mar 9, 2018.
  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. TANKBOT2000
    It will bring more hackers and more rage for reset into the server, may loose members. I DOWNVOTE
  2. Mts
    You must not know dark and cop..... Their development team won't allow hackers lol.
  3. TANKBOT2000
    I know him alright
  4. antidox
    Might I add, that 1.12 pvp mechanics are terriible.. At this point of time, I wouldn't call TCN Factions, "factions". It's more so a survival gamemode.

    Modder's aren't in the question. Their staff team are very capable of handling modders. Also, 1.12 has mods anyway, so if hackers really wanted to, they could mod on either version.

    Imo, map size is also currently too large for the amount of players TCN has right now. It'll take us forever to find other bases within 25k x 25k radius.. 5-10k would be more suitable.

    Raiding is another big part of Factions. Have you (staff team) taken raiding into consideration and how it's going to be done? It would be a waste of time (for us non-donators) to try and raid if donators hide all their stuff in /pv's. Are creeper eggs an option for raiding? Back in the day, they were great. There's also a chest locking plugins.. So if you don't claim your land (f claim), you can lock your chests so only you can access them.. What's the point in raiding if you can't destroy the chests... :thinking:

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  5. TANKBOT2000
    I trust him, but it is still true; hackers will come (doesn't mean they won't get caught)
  6. Copvampire
    With taking all of this into account, there are multiple questions that I have about that last statement.
    One, about the donators hiding stuff in a player vault (whats the difference between a vault and an enderchest? And they only have access to one vault, so the " 's " is untrue), what do you recommend as a replacement for this to still make donating worth it?

    Two, Creeper eggs (and other eggs) are coming, I just haven't had time to add that shop yet, and with this vote thing, I doubt it will be coming anytime soon.

    Three, the chest locking plugins get overridden by claims of factions (if you claim a chest outside of a faction, a faction cloud just walk up and claim that land and the lock is gone instantly).

    Four, chests can also be destroyed by TNT and other means of explosions.

    Five, give recommendations for changes, thanks
  7. Mythim
    No. Keep it the same.
  8. Kevinc817
    im willing to throw away my near half a million dollars and 2 day playtime for 1.8
  9. TANKBOT2000
    I change my vote to yes
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  10. Kevinc817
    whos a good tanky? yes YOU ARE
  11. Copvampire
    you are able to change your vote now
  12. Copvampire
    All comments have been taken into account, thanks for the comments.
  13. TANKBOT2000
    Your welcome :)
  14. Gbear17
    Wow, I haven't played since 1.8

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